• Basic-Bike handling class for kids Spring/Summer 2020: 




  •  learn the correct Mountainbike riding technique from the beginning in a playful way
  • get from good balance to stability and therefore to security and bike control.



  •  SetUp Check suitable for kids 
  • correct riding position on the bike
  • develop ability to regulate use of your brakes as required by the trail
  • Build up security through good balance on the bike
  •  keep control on easy downhill trails
  •  einfache, erste Kurventechnik
  •  introduce first, simple turn techniques
  • get introduced into the handling of gear shifting
  • learn to use the environment respectfully


  Requirements – your prior biking experience:

  •  No prior experience with off road mountain biking
  • Surface: easy roads and trails paved/gravel   no trail based difficulties
  • turns: long turns
  • Distance: 5 to 10 km
  • vertical: up to 200 difference
  • terrain: easy up- and downhill sections
  • Speed: adjusted to the abilities of the participants


  Mandatory equipment: 

  • Helmet: Helmets have to be worn at all times
  • fully functional Mountain bike
  •         functional brakes
  •         good tires with sufficient profile
  •         sturdy handles that are closed at the outside
  • Gloves: we recommend you bring along gloves covering your fingers
  • Glasses: mandatory to protect your eyes (sun, rocks, insect, rain)
  • Bottle and small backpack with a snack for the tour
  • Please wear functional sports wear adjusted to the local weather (rain jacket and pants) and something to change 


   Our service

  • Guiding and coaching by our qualified and certified guides
  • riding technique training including exercises, games and rides on and off trail
  • healthy snack during the morning break, fresh vegetables stick & fresh fruit sticks
  • dried fruit, e.g. banana chips and apple rings
  • sandwiches and corn breads from a local bakery
  • Apple juice frim the region
  • Allgäuer Alpenwasser (local soda factory)
  • home made warm juice for the kids
  • since quality, sustainability regionality is very important for us all food and drinks are bought from local prducers and made at local shops
  • please inform us if  your kid might develop any allergic reactions to any food or drink .


   Daily schedule: 

  • short functional bike check
  • Einteilung in leistungs- und altersgerechte Gruppen
  • set up groups that fit together in terms of abilities and age
  • We start at the Imbergahn parking lot learning and exercising the basic riding techniques in a playful way using several simple obstacles.
  • After that we are taking the kids on a tour to further improve and practice the stuff we have learned..


we would be happy to welcome you