Christl Cranz Borchers

Ski & Snowboardschule Christl Cranz – why are we proudly bearing this name?

Christl Cranz at the Olympics in 1936


The name relates to Christl Cranz Borchers, founder and long time Manager of the ski school Steibis. In today's terms Christl Cranz would be seen as the first female superstar in Ski racing even she never would have seen it this way. Starting in 1934 her name started to  show up in the results of national and international ski races typically in the top 3. In the years up to the beginning of World War II she has been the one to beat. During this time she collected 12 World championship titles, 15 national championships and as the absolute highlight the Gold Medall in the Combined competition at the Olympics in Garmisch Partenkirchen in 1936. (Back then medals were only awarded for the combination of Downhill and Slalom). Otherwise there would have been another Olympic title for the slalom.

Born 1914 in Brussels, Belgium she grew up in the Swabian Alb region in southwestern Germany and in Switzerland where she learned skiing at Grindelwaltd. After her family moved to Freiburg, Breisgau the Black Forest became her skiing base. There she became the by far best female ski racer of her times.

Besides the Championship races she won countless other races throughout the Alps but also  in Poland, eastern Germany and the Tatra region in todays Czech Republic

Christl Cranz mit Skischülern and the "Skiheim" Christl Cranz in Steibis


 In 1947, after the end of the Second World War Christl Cranz Borchers  moved to Steibis where she set up her own ski school, supported by some  local ski enthusiasts. She managed the ski school for many years until the mid 80s  of the last century.. Besides the ski school the studied teacher set up her own children's home that she run until the late 70s. To honor her merits for the development of womens sport she has been introduced to the international hall of fame of women's sport and the German skiing association made her an honorary member.

Her main focus after her career as ski racer has been ski classes for children. For this she constantly went on to new paths. Therefore already in the 50 our ski schools became the first in Germany completely separating ski classes for children and for adults. Still today we follow her example and develop your programs according to  the latest methological and pedagogical insights

Considering the history of the founder of our ski school we are still proud to carry the name Ski & Snowboardschle Christl Cranz!