Carnival  2018

Winterfest 2018 and Zimi  Zimi Cup for our Kindergarten children

Within the framework of the big "Steibinger Winterfest" we organized the Zimi Cup, a ski race for the children that had attended the Kindergarten ski classes in January. This was the perfect venue for parents and grandparents to recognize the huge improvements the little ski racers had gone through in 2 weeks of ski classes. Broadway Joe, a local artist who years ago invented Zimi the ski class snow man covered the time between the race and the victory celebration with his songs about Zimi and Schokodil. At the ceremony it has been all smiles since every participant was honered with a little cup and a small present. Another highlight of the "Winterfest" has been the torchlight run of our instructors to the festival ground. As usual the Winterfest ended with the big fireworks show.

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