Content snowboard lessons

Beginners Class

Interested getting into this fascinating sport. Let our instructors show you the path from the first steps to the first turns while you have lots of fun in the process. This takes just about 3 days.

  • Day 1: from first steps to the first gliding experience, side slips to the first turn.
  • Day 2: improve and consolidate side sliding and turns
  • Day 3: the first consecutive turns on the hill

Refresher Class

You intend to refresh your skills since it has been a while since you tried the last time. We will show you the correct technique for your turns on a blue slope.

Prerequisite: Side sliding and consecutive turns on blue slopes, handling  of a T-Bar lift.

Improvement Class

Interested to improve your skills? We will help you to get the technique for save and steady turns even on steeper blue runs.

Prerequisite: Mastering easy blue runs with turns without problems, using regular ski lifts.

Carving Class

Interested to get your board really on the edge? Learn the correct technique to keep your board on the edge, to control it even in steeper terrain. Prerequisite for this class is the ability to use all kinds of lifts and ability to master red slopes.

Freestyle Class

You want to do a frontside 180, go switch and boarder slides? We help you to a save start into the freestyle area going from flat tricks through easy jumps all the way to the first slides on our easy funpark obstacles.

Prerequisite: Secure turns on blue and red slopes, handling all kinds of lifts.