Ski class schedule – Green Leve  (Green Vest)

Lift tickets and rental costs are not included with ski class!

  •  Pickup and payment of class tickets ab least 30 minutes before class is scheduled to start at the ski school office at the base of the Imbergbahn. (we recommend to handle this the day before).  
  • Meet the instructors at the green pavilion at the base of the iImbergbahn in Steibis 15 minutes prior to the start of the lesson.
  •  We take the kids from the gathering area to our Kinderland using  via the Imbergbahn and the Slope Taxi
  •  We recommend parents to stay around for a while but out of sight for the kids.
  •   When you sign up for class we make sure that your mobile number is registered on the class ticket so that we may be able to
      call you if necessary.
  •  The kids will have a short break during class where we provide some warm and cold beverages as well as some healthy
      snacks.. Please let us know if there are any allergies we might be aware of. 
  • There is a bathroom available at the Kinderland. 
  • All children are taken back to base of the Imbergbahn at the end of class. .
  • Meeting point for the following days again is at the base of the Imbergbahn but there will be signs with the name of the instructor. Please meet them there. The instructors name will be found on the little business card you received at the office when you pick up the tickets.

Lift tickets

Every child has to have a lift ticket valid for the time of class.  Tickets may be purchased at the ticket counter at the base of the Imbergbahn. if your landlord participates in the Oberstaufen + program your child may use the guest card as lift ticket. Every child needs their own Oberstaufen + card (even if they are less than 5 years old)


Most tickets work contact free and have not to be taken out. Therefore you may put them into a pocket that can be secured e.g. with a zipper. Ideally they are stored in a pocket on the left side of the jacket since all card readers are installed on this side.


**During class even children less than 5 old  are without their parents and therefore require their own lift ticket.


We wish you and your children a wonderful and relaxing winter vacation.