Schedule Ski Classes level Green (Green vests)

Lift tickets are not included and not covered with class.

 • Sign up  as well as ticket pick up at the Ski school officeat least 30 minutes ahead of scheduled starting time (easier and
    more relaxed the day before)


•  Meeting point with the ski instructors at our gathering area at the green pavillon or at the green flag. Please observe times
    according to the class time you booked. 


 •  Our instructors join the Kids for the gondola ride up into the ski area We would appreciate parents from kids under 5
    accompany them until they get to the top of the gondola.


•  At the top all the little beginners are taken to the Kinderland by our slope taxi which is not to be used by adults.


• The Kinderland is about 5 minutes by foot from the top of the gondola and is also easily reachable on skis.


•  Next to the top there is a restaurant with a big patio that provides a great overview for the whole Kinderland.


•  We recommend parents to stay in the area but stay invisible to the kids.


 •  We put your mobile number on the class ticket at sign up. This allows us to contact you if it becomes necessary.


• There is a short break during class where we provide healthy snacks as well as hot and cold beverages. Please let us

   know about health conditions that might prevent your child from consuming our food and drinks.


•  In fair weather the break takes place outside. In case of cold or snowy weather there are indoor facilities (hut/tipi) available


•  Restrooms are available at the Kinderland


•  According to the class times booked all kids will be back at the base of the Imbergbahn gondola at the end of class.


•  Meeting point for the following days is at the sign with name of the instructor at the gathering area at the base of the

   Imbergbahn gondola. Please let us know if you have difficulties to find the sign and we will help you. The instructors

   name should be written down on the little business card style paper you received at office when you signed up.

*Class times

             • Class time 1:  9.30 AM to   12.30 PM,  meet at :  9.15 AM at the base of the Imbergbahn gondola

             • Class time 2: 10.30 AM to  13.30 PM, meet at:  10.15 Am at the base of the Imbergbahn gondola

             • Class time 3: 1.30PM to      4.30 PM,  meet at     1.15 PM at the base of the Imbergbahn gondola


Ski Pass:

   All children need to have a lift ticket valid for the class time they signed up for - even if they are under 5 years** unless they

   have an Oberstaufen Plus card.

   Guests staying at accomodations participating in the Oberstaufen Plus program: Please obtain  Oberstaufen-Plus guest cards

   from your landlord for all members of your party even the smallest ones.


  Almost all lift tickets operate hands free. Therefore there is no need to take the out of your pocket to get through the turnstile 


  We recommend to put lift tickets in a pocket with a zipper on the left side of your skiing suit, 


** Children under 5 use the ski area without their parents during the ski class and therefore they are required to have their own

      lift ticket.


  We wish you and your children a great and relaxing winter vacation