Green Level


Learning objective 1: become familiar with the equipment and learn how to move on level terrain-

 The Journey to become a competent skier begins, but before it really starts you should internalize the basics. To get the optimum  learning experience it is necessary to understand the characteristics of snow in combination with the unfamiliar sports equipment.

    Learning objective 2: Climb uphill using sidesteps and heringboneing

            Every skier once in while has to move uphill with support of a lift. Therefore the uphill climbing using different

            common techniques has to be learned. Also you will learn about another key technique on skis: applying the edge


     Learning objective 3: Ski straight with parallel skis and in a stable position.

Since it is the first time that we slide down the hill at this objective the wow effect is guaranteed. Stable body position and controll   of the skis is important

      Lerning Obective 4: Slow down and slide in the snow plough position

Skiing downhill makes it manatory that you will eventually will have to slow down and stop. Speed contol will be trained in a secure and controlled environment.

Learning Objective 5: first turns in snow plough position

             Freedmon while skiing comes oncewe are able to decide where we go to rather then the ski skis. Therefore is about time to

            learn how to do turns..