Enjoy yourself on our well groomed slopes at the Imbergbahn/Skiarena Steibis 

ski area. Take your chance to improve your skiing technique with a private instructor from our ski school. 

We are open until March 31st

Ski classes are still available - please contact our office

Office hours are 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM daily. Outside of these hours you may either call us at +49 8386 939127 or book through our online store right here on this page

Welcome to the Ski & Snowboard School Steibis - let's have fun in the snow

Quality of service, safety and sustainability are the  main objectives

for our skischools in Steibis and Huendle. 

    We provide classes for

Skiing - Snowboarding - X-Country - Snowshoeing

of all ages and ability levels.

Our professional snow sport instructors are trained according to the curicula of the German Ski Professional Ski Instructors Asscociation (DSLV) by our internal Training staff. 


Playful learning in line with the program "Beweg dich schlau" from famous German ski racer Felix Neureuther

is  the core element for all our kids classes.

Zimi our skischool snowman makes skiing a wonderful winter experience for our Little ones

Teens and Adult may choose from a variety of classes for levels tailored to the specific needs of the participants.


With our ideal terrain and manageable group sizes nobody gets lost at our ski school. Make up your mind and start conquering the slopes.

The team of  Ski- und Snowboardschule Christl Cranz looks forward to welcome you!

Our ski areas

Imbergbahn/Skiarena Steibis

Our ski area offers a 8 person Gondola, a heated 6 person chair lift and several T-Bar lifts as well as perfectly groomed slopes for all Snow sport enthusiasts whether they are beginners or experts. Our slopes at the Imberg area are especially well suited for newcomers or people rediscovering the sport. It provides a safe environment for the first steps on snow. Absolute beginners find the ideal learning environment at your rope tow next to the base of the Imbergbahn gondola. Children are taken to the Kinderland area next to the top of the gondola. The sunny terrain provides the perfect environment to get into skiing. Even the transport with our slope taxi means a great adventure for the kids. 
Our ski school Office, open 7 days a week from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM is located at the base of the Imbergbahn between the ticket counter and the Sport Hauber ski rental facility.  

Skigebiet Hündle/Thalkirchdorf

Hint:  Please make reservation in advance using booking form

The Huendle Thalkirchdorf ski area provides  a heated gondola,  5 T-Bar lifts, a platter towing lift, 2 Rope Tows and a magic carpet a wide variety of lifts for skiers from beginners to expert level. Real beginners find their area at a rope tow and the magic carpet at the base of the Huendle gondola where.  More advanced skiers use the platter towing and the Grathlift T-Bar lift at the top of the Huendle Gondola to further improve their skills. Exerts still working to improve their technique use the Hochsiedl T-Bars or the  Schwandlif and Prodel lift in Thalkirchdorf where they find challenging slopes. Skiers looking for a real thrill find it at the former FIS World Cup slope at the Huendle area.

Our ski school office is located at the base of the Huendle gondola across the Sport Hauber rental facility.

Ski Class offerings

We offer ski and snowboard  classes in Steibis during the whole winter season. Additionally ski classes are available during peak season (Xmas, Carnival) at the Huendle/Thalkirchdorf ski area.


...directly to our offerings in Steibis


... directly to our offerings at the  Huendle area 


For our smallest customers

To allow parents to enjoy the winter wonderland around Steibis for a couple hours we provide a separate fantastic indoor playing facility for your toddlers.



...directly to our  Zimi-Kindergarten


Equipment rental

Our ski class participants may rent necessary equipment at the Sport Hauber rental facilities next door to our offices at Steibis and Huendle





… directly to the Sport Hauber rental facilities!