X Country lessons

X Country - experience pure nature...

An elegant movment in harmony with nature! With the correct technique you move through the winter wonderland more easily, more secure and with much more fun. Diagonal stride with and without using your poles, mastering downhill passages, turns and slowing down are on our program. There are different learning programs for classic and skating style x-country skiers.

Whether your want to enjoy it at slow speed or your want to go higher speed or be on long runs. Our instructors will adjust to your wishes.

Pricing for X Country lessons

2 hours           
€ 115,- 
one hour
€   70.-
Additional hour
€   55.-
each additional person (flat)
€   20.-

Please call for reservation or use the reservation form below

 All prices include VAT

Equipment rental and lift tickets are not included

Nordic Cruising / Classic Style X Country

Classic style x country skiing with shorter and slightly wider skis. The modern Nordic Cruising skis make it possible to start moving around in the winterly environment very quick even for beginners.


The fastest and most dynamic way to move around on the narrow skis. A great opportunity to improve your personal fitness while at same time gliding seemingly effortless through the winterly landscape

Private lessons - Reservation

We intend to provide the best possible service for our customers looking for private lessons. Therefore we would like you to use our online reservation form. We check your perferred dates and will send you a confirmation including billing information. Once we receive your payment you will receive a final confirmation for your reservation with all necessary information about your lesson.

As long as your payment has not been registered we reserve the right to adjust your reservation to fit our schedule.