Train like a real ski professional!


It becomes possible following the successful concept "Beweg dich schlau" originally developed with support from  Felix Neureuther, famous German ski racer. Who ever tried to ski and at the same time juggle, or ski like a hobbling pirate on one ski only. Using smart moves improves not just the physical abilities but trains mental abilities and concentrativeness as well.

 Being a licensed partner makes it especially important for us to holistically stimulate the kids and offer  diversified ski lessons because "Skiing not only makes kids and teens strong but smart as well!"



Zimi's Kindergarden

Indoor Child care for the smallest ones from abou 6 months...

Zimi's Snow Adventure

Sun, Sking, Playing and Fun with Zimi from about 2.5 years...

Mini Kids

Small Kids  becoming great skiers

  4-9 years

Kids & Teens

Fun & Action for Kids & Teens

from 10 Jahren...