Blue Level


  • Learning objective 1: Snow plough turns with different weight distributions.

    The second level begins. We left the Kinderland area behind us and start into the adventure of the big ski area. To master this next step without problems it is essential to be able to apply more pressure to the skis.
  • Learnind objective 2: Arrange succesive snow plough turns in a rythimic way.

    Who doesn't know the tracks of an athletic skier in the snow that look as they have been drawn with a circle. This doesn't just look extremely sporty and elegant, it is also very efficient

  •  Learning objetive 3: Side slipping and crossing  the a slope in a straight line

    To master steeper runs one stays away from the fall line.  This can be achieved by traversing the slopes appliying the edges of the skis. Stopping with side slipping is much more effective then using the snow plough and even looks much more elegant.
  • Learning objective 4: Skiing over little jumps and first tricks on skis.

    To apply´ more  some fun to the learning process and experience new moves we start skiing over little jumps and learn some cool little tricks. This foremost trains the balance and prepares for skiing with parallel skis.

  • Learning objective 5: First turns with parallel skis

    Doing turns with parallel skis is more economic and effort saving than going down with the snow plough and therefore allows for longer runs and longer siing days. Also it allows for higher speed and  skiing becomse more elegant and looks better.